Our Adoptions Process


Crossroads partners with animal care facilities throughout Middle Tennessee to bring in dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, ages and conditions.  We believe that each of these animals is unique and waiting for that ‘just right’ person to provide them with a loving, lifelong home. Our adoptable pets are available to meet by appointment at our Crossroads Pets- Shop & Adopt, Pet Retail Store. 
If you see a dog or cat that you’d like to meet, please fill out our adoption application.   Our Adoptions Coordinator will go through them in the order in which they come in and will contact approved applicants to set up appointments.  Applications will be kept on file for 6 months after submission.
Please note that we do not ‘hold’ pets, so we encourage same day adoptions if you find your match.  When you come to meet any of our adoptable pets, please bring the following: 
  • Valid ID with proof of address verifying that you are over 21 years of age
  • Phone number of 2 personal, non-relative references
  • Veterinarian reference (if you have a veterinarian)
  • Copy of lease agreement or condominium association codes validating that pets are allowed

See our available pets below!

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Our Adoptable Pets

Margaret – ADOPTED!


Gender:  Spayed Female

Age:  5 years

Adoption fee: $125

About Margaret

Have you been lonely working from home?  Do you find yourself wishing you had someone to talk to and to keep you company?  Well, you’re in luck!

My name is Margaret and I am one cool cat!  I am very social and love chatting it up with all the visitors who come to see me. I enjoy sitting in laps, pets and a good behind-the-ear scratch.

I haven’t met a person I didn’t like. When it comes to other cats, I’d prefer to be the only cat so I make sure I get all the love and attention.

If you’re ready for some love and have a good window for me to sunbathe in, be sure to fill out an application today so you can meet me!

Pepper – ADOPTED!


Gender:  Neutered Male

Age:  2 years

Adoption fee:  $250

About Pepper

Do you find yourself thinking, ‘Gosh, my life is so quiet and boring… if only I could fix that…?’

Well don’t you fret!  Hiya!  My name is Pepper.  I am here to save the day!

When I’m not scurrying around and checking things out, you can usually find me hanging out with my dog friends.  I really really REALLY like other dogs even though sometimes they don’t like me in the same way. Luckily, I’m pretty good at reading a room (most of the time).

I like to play with stuffies that squeak, play chase with my friends, and do baby zoomies.  Once I’m all “played out,” I like to explore and lounge about.  I’ve taken to sleeping in the bed behind the Adoptions Manager’s desk, but don’t worry – if someone comes to the door, I’ll let you know!

I’m always happy to make new friends but I’d love to find a family to call my own.  If you think that’s you, fill out an application today so you can come meet me.  See you soon!

Alfredo – ADOPTED!


Gender:  Neutered Male

Age:  2 years

Adoption fee:  $125

About Alfredo

Ciao!  I’m Alfredo but you can call my Alfie.

I don’t mean to brag (or do I?) but I am one of the most handsome boys on the block.

I’m a bit of an attention hog but can you blame me?  I also enjoy baking in the sun, playing with my peacock feather and exploring new spaces.

I want to be friends with other cats but I come off a little strong sometimes and they don’t seem to love me.  I’ve also seen these big creatures through the door and am very curious – I think they are called “dogs”?  I haven’t gotten to meet one yet but I sure am intrigued.

If you are interested in having me, Big Alfie, be a part of your life, make sure you fill out an application today so we can meet!

Sugar – ADOPTED!


Gender:  Spayed Female

Age:  4 years

Adoption fee:  $250  

About Sugar

Hi!  I’m Sugar Rush but all my friends call me Sugar. 

Are you a sucker for a good rags to riches story?  If so, grab those tissues and have a seat.

I was brought to the shelter as a stray after a person found me wandering.  My fur was stained yellow and heavily matted but despite my appearance, I was happy to meet everyone I saw!

The shelter is a scary place so thank goodness the folks at Crossroads saw me and took me in.  I got the “spa day special” the moment I came in- haircut, bath, nail trim, THE WORKS!  I’ve never been so pampered in my life.

It soon became apparent to everyone that my previous life might not have been the best, but I wasn’t about to let that slow me down!  I’m one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met, though I may be a bit biased.

I have been living in a foster home where I have been working on my potty training.  I have made friends with other dogs and even 3 cats! While I like other animals, my true passion is people.  My favorite activities include snuggling, playing with toys, and people-watching out the windows.

The folks here don’t know my whole history and I can’t tell them but they keep telling me they are going to make sure I get the happy home I deserve. If you think that’s you, apply today so you can come meet me!

See you soon! 



Gender:  Neutered Male

Age:  5 years

Adoption fee:  $200

About Mango

Where are all the hound lovers?  Boy, are you in for a treat!

Howdy!  My name is Mango. I came to Crossroads recently because my mom had to move suddenly and couldn’t take me with her.  She was devastated and I’ve been a little confused but I’m starting to adjust.

I am a pretty low maintenance man but can get down and play when it’s time. I absolutely LOVE squeaky toys and, you guessed it, I love a good, sniffy walk.  I like to get petted on and play, but I am also independent so don’t worry about me crowding your space 24/7.

When I’m feeling extra excited, I’ll “talk” to you and sing you the song of my people.  Fortunately for the folks at Crossroads, I tend to only howl when I need to tell them that someone is at the door or when I’m playing with my dog friends.

I’m a whopping 51lbs but my frame suggests I could stand to lose a couple of them.  I am housebroken and crate trained, but also was trustworthy enough to be allowed to free roam the house before.

I sound great, I know!  So, what’s the catch?  The only thing is, I have heartworms.  The folks at Crossroads are going to take care of me and get me nice and healthy. After treatment, I’d love a comfy space to recover and to call home.

If you think I’m your kind of guy, fill out an application now so you can come hang out and meet me! 



Gender: Spayed Female

Age: 3.5 years

Adoption fee: $200  

About Zena

Xena, Warrior Princess!!  That’s some other girl – I’m Zena with a “Z”!    Ziptastic, Zoolicious, Zapnado, Zena! 

I love life (even though it’s scary sometimes!!)   I was pulled from my home because I hadn’t been very well cared for, but I didn’t know that.  I just know that it was hard and sad, and I was scared. 

The shelter that picked me up had met me before and this time they fell in love with me but soon realized that I was not adjusting well.  I had lived pretty much alone for my almost 4 years and was afraid of all the noise and didn’t understand why there were so many different people all the time. 

Well, they called Crossroads who came and swept me off my feet (almost literally, but there was a kennel involved and some leash thing…)  That’s neither here nor there, but now I’m actually here and can show them what a happy, “zippity-do-da”  type of Zena I really am!   

I love other dogs (but that’s why they call me Zapnado…I can be a bit much). I appreciate a slow intro and quiet voices. 

I’m house-trained, energetic and loving.  I could use some training, but I’m also already spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped and I am one smart cookie who wants to learn with you! 

Are you ready to add a little zest to your life?  Then apply for me today and let’s do this thing called life together!

Check this page often and for more information, contact us or visit us at the Crossroads Pets – Shop & Adopt store.


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