Our Adoptions Process


Crossroads partners with animal care facilities throughout Middle Tennessee to bring in dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, ages and conditions.  We believe that each of these animals is unique and waiting for that ‘just right’ person to provide them with a loving, lifelong home. Our adoptable pets are available to meet by appointment at our Crossroads Pets- Shop & Adopt, Pet Retail Store. 
If you see a dog or cat that you’d like to meet, please fill out our adoption application.   Our Adoptions Coordinator will go through them in the order in which they come in and will contact approved applicants to set up appointments.  Applications will be kept on file for 6 months after submission.
Please note that we do not ‘hold’ pets, so we encourage same day adoptions if you find your match.  When you come to meet any of our adoptable pets, please bring the following: 
  • Valid ID with proof of address verifying that you are over 21 years of age
  • Phone number of 2 personal, non-relative references
  • Veterinarian reference (if you have a veterinarian)
  • Copy of lease agreement or condominium association codes validating that pets are allowed

See our available pets below!

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Our Adoptable Pets



Gender: Neutered Male

Age: 2 years

Adoption fee: $150  

About Razz

AT LAST! They have finally figured me out!  The Crossroads team was so invested in my personality as a CATTLE dog, that they missed out on my true self which is more like a CATtle dog.   

They called me anxious…that’s true – but only during times of uncertainty and transition (like most cats).  I love snuggles and attention…on my own terms (like most cats). 

I can be choosy about my people (like most cats), and if things don’t go my way I can often act like a diva before eating a Snickers bar.  Do you see where this is going here?   I’m a 35lb, low-riding, often persnickety dog who acts much like a cat!  

On any given day, I will likely display all 5 types of cat personality:  

1. Neuroticism (I have a hard time with new situations/people), 

2. Impulsiveness (with a high distractibility factor), 

3. Extraversion (I am highly active, curious and ridiculously smart),  

4. Agreeableness (once I know my place/people, I am quite affectionate), 

5. Dominance (don’t take this the wrong way – dominance in dog language is a myth – but I can be quite jealous and may come off as fickle if I don’t get my way).

I love small, fast-moving toys that squeak.  I keep myself clean and I’m happy to stay to myself.  Give me a comfy bed/blanket and a chew toy and I will be content to find a sunny spot in which to nap throughout the day. 

I am species neutral (I get along with dogs and cats with appropriate introductions), neutered, up-to-date, microchipped and once I’m comfortable I am a sweet, snuggly guy who just wants a home/person to call my own.



Gender: Spayed Female

Age: 10 months

Adoption fee: $200

About Nola

Don’t let these big ears fool ya. I might look and bounce like a rabbit but I assure you I’m 100% dog.

Hiya! My name is Nola and just like to city- I’m vibrant, festive, and full of energy! I love to snuggle but most importantly, I LOVE to play. Fetch, wrestling, or just chewing on a plush toy… you name it, I love it!

 I found myself at the shelter as a stray but don’t worry, I made fast friends with the staff, volunteers, and the other dogs. I’m what they call “the life of the party”.

If you’re looking to add a little spice and pizazz to your life, fill out an application to meet me today!



Gender: Spayed Female

Age: 3.5 years

Adoption fee: $200  

About Zena

Xena, Warrior Princess!!  That’s some other girl – I’m Zena with a “Z”!    Ziptastic, Zoolicious, Zapnado, Zena! 

I love life (even though it’s scary sometimes!!)   I was pulled from my home because I hadn’t been very well cared for, but I didn’t know that.  I just know that it was hard and sad, and I was scared. 

The shelter that picked me up had met me before and this time they fell in love with me but soon realized that I was not adjusting well.  I had lived pretty much alone for my almost 4 years and was afraid of all the noise and didn’t understand why there were so many different people all the time. 

Well, they called Crossroads who came and swept me off my feet (almost literally, but there was a kennel involved and some leash thing…)  That’s neither here nor there, but now I’m actually here and can show them what a happy, “zippity-do-da”  type of Zena I really am!   

I love other dogs (but that’s why they call me Zapnado…I can be a bit much). I appreciate a slow intro and quiet voices. 

I’m house-trained, energetic and loving.  I could use some training, but I’m also already spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped and I am one smart cookie who wants to learn with you! 

Are you ready to add a little zest to your life?  Then apply for me today and let’s do this thing called life together!



Gender: Neutered Male

Age: 8 years

Adoption fee: $250

About Beau

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!   Phew – sometimes life can be overwhelming and just plain hard.  My life was all that and more. 

A very nice person saw my original situation where I was starving, covered in filthy matted fur, my teeth were rotting and she really wanted to help, so she offered to take me into her forever family.   I didn’t know what was going on – I had never seen her, smelled her and didn’t really know what the outside world was all about. 

She kept saying she loved me, but I didn’t even know her….during our first few days together it was just more than I could take, so I “snapped”.   I ended up at an animal shelter – and boy oh boy – if I thought a different home with one new person was hard, I realized that LOTS of new people and so many animals is much more frightening. 

I was scared, hungry, confused, and in pain, so I worked hard to make sure the people there knew to leave me alone!  I may be tiny, but I do know how to act like one of the big dogs. 

 The shelter contacted Crossroads and things have started to turn around.  I’m healthy for a senior guy and my teeth are in good shape (the few I have left!)  

I’m living with fosters and am ready for a forever home, but it needs to be one where the people understand me and let me learn to trust at my own pace.  

I’m really a sweet little guy with so much to learn about the world.   I think I can, and I can’t wait to become “the little dog that could”! 



Gender: Neutered Male

Age: 2 years

Adoption fee: $250

About Joey

Hi there! My name is Joey- yep, just like a baby kangaroo. I got my name due to my muscular physique and bouncy nature- both physically and personality wise.

I got lost and someone took me to the animal shelter so I would be safe. It was loud, scary, and full of really big dogs. I spent a lot of time trying to hide in the back of my kennel. I mean a little guy like me in a scary place like that? NO THANKS.

Because I was so unsure of what was going on, I felt like I had to protect myself making it difficult for the staff to handle me much.

Thank goodness for the nice folks at Crossroads. They could see that I wanted to be social and friendly but I didn’t know if I could trust anything or anyone in that environment. They brought me into Crossroads and I have learned so much in my short time here!

I am energetic but get tired easily (my tiny legs can only do so much). I enjoy being pet on and loved but am still somewhat cautious of new people touching my backend or picking me up. Once I know you, I love you as much as my tiny heart will let me!

I have met some of my other “roommates” and learned that I prefer to be a “lone wolf”. I think I could do well in a home with other dogs as long as they mind my space.

I’m looking for a quiet home with someone who is willing to be patient with me while I learn how to trust and be a dog. I try really hard to be the best boy. If you think you are the one, make sure to fill out an application today so I can meet you!



Gender: Spayed Female

Age:  2 years

Adoption fee:  $100 

About Mosi

Hi, my name is Mosi. Somehow my family and I ended up at the shelter. My kids, being kids, weren’t scared of anything and got adopted quickly. I, on the other hand, was a little nervous in my new environment so I hid a lot.

The folks at Crossroads came to visit the shelter on a field trip, met me, and fell in love. While I was a bit nervous, I am a sucker for getting pet on. Soon I was on my way to my new temporary home at Crossroads! I adjusted fairly quickly and love a good feather wand!

I am playful yet reserved. I like to be loved on… when I want it. I lived with other cats and would likely do well in a home as a singlet or with others given proper introduction.

If you are looking to add a relaxed, mild mannered lady to your home- look no further!

Check this page often and for more information, contact us or visit us at the Crossroads Pets – Shop & Adopt store.


You love animals and refuse to let them suffer abandonment and neglect.