Our Adoptions Process


Crossroads partners with animal care facilities throughout Middle Tennessee to bring in dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, ages and conditions.  We believe that each of these animals is unique and waiting for that ‘just right’ person to provide them with a loving, lifelong home. Our adoptable pets are available to meet by appointment at our Crossroads Pets- Shop & Adopt, Pet Retail Store. 
If you see a dog or cat that you’d like to meet, please fill out our adoption application.   Our Adoptions Coordinator will go through them in the order in which they come in and will contact approved applicants to set up appointments.  Applications will be kept on file for 6 months after submission.
Please note that we do not ‘hold’ pets, so we encourage same day adoptions if you find your match.  When you come to meet any of our adoptable pets, please bring the following: 
  • Valid ID with proof of address verifying that you are over 21 years of age
  • Phone number of 2 personal, non-relative references
  • Veterinarian reference (if you have a veterinarian)
  • Copy of lease agreement or condominium association codes validating that pets are allowed

See our available pets below!

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Our Adoptable Pets


About Razz

Razzle Dazzle – Razzmatazz – all that Jazz, or just plain Razz!  

I am a super smart, high energy guy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love some gentle pets and attention.  I’m a perfect medium size at about 35 lbs.

My breed tries to see the future, or at least 3 steps ahead of a flock of sheep, a herd of cattle, or a family with children. (I would happily bark, yap and maybe even nip at fast moving little bodies, so the people at Crossroads think I’d be best without that kind of distraction.)   

I do love to spend time outside, but want to be with my people too.   I am very unsure around other dogs, so I hope to be your one and only. As a super smart dog, I do best with slow introductions to new people too.  

I would love long hikes (I’m great on a leash)!   Confinement isn’t really my forte, so an apartment or townhouse might not be the best placement for me as I do have an impressive bark.  The Crossroads staff says they are happy that I don’t choose to use it when I’m spending time with my people.  

I have very thick (and super soft) fur, so petting me is just as good for the people as it is for me.  I am just over a year old, so still very open to learning.   All I need is the right family to find me.  

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $150.

Wellington – Adopted!

About Wellington

Well, well, Wellington!  I can’t wait to see what my new family will bring! 

As a young pup (only 5 months old), I have so much to learn and see!  I should only be about a 20lb dog when I’m full grown, but size doesn’t matter, does it?  Not when you’ve got ears like mine…ears for days that let you know exactly what I’m thinking!  

I have adjusted really well to being here at Crossroads. 

I was found and brought to Metro, but my people never came.  I got all of my vaccinations there and a microchip so I don’t get “lost” again. 

I’m going to be “fixed” soon (am I broken??) and I keep a pretty clean kennel, so potty training should be a breeze!  I’m a bundle of fun and can’t wait to find my family. 

If you’d like to meet me, fill out the app and I can maybe be yours!  

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $250.

BamBam – Adopted!

About BamBam

My name is Bandit. They named me that because I’ll steal your heart with my heavy underbite!   Most of the staff call me BamBam, though. 

I came from a “ruff” home but was lucky to have moved in with a wonderful family with kids and other pets. They didn’t seem to understand that I’m kind of a big deal, and I soon realized that being only child is my IDEAL situation. 

I have so much love to give and am looking for my perfect fit. I want to protect my favorite things (treats, people, toys), which was kind of a challenge with small children and other dogs.  I mean, who’s to say which toys are MINE and which belong to the toddler???  I’m currently in a foster home and enjoy being around other dogs for playdates at the park.

 I love tennis balls, my night-night bear, cuddles and treats!  I’m a big fan of bones and chews as well.  Ideally, I’d love to be in an active house or with someone who works from home, as my only goal is to spend as much time as possible with my person.  I am already neutered, up-to-date on all vaccines, potty pad trained and looking for a person to have all to myself.  Are you my person?

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $200.


About LuLu

I’m looking for better days ahead. 

Ya see, my owner passed away very unexpectedly.  The extended family has been trying to help me, but their dogs didn’t feel so helpful.  I also had a brother, but he’s been hiding so I’m missing him too. 

Crossroads is OK…the people are nice but there’s a lot going on here.  I kind of prefer to stay in my condo…unless someone has a brush.  I LOVE to be brushed. 

While I don’t know these people well, I’m very friendly and like being held, pet, and played with.  I spent my whole 3 years with my person.  He got me spayed and took good care of me.  I’ll soon be microchipped and up to date on my vaccines again. 

I’m very soft (physically and emotionally), quiet and clean and am ready to share my life with someone new.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $100.


About Nova

I am Nova – hear me meow!

I’ve got it all.  If you are looking for a small package with a big impact, I’m your girl.  I love to play, pounce, hop, jump, stalk, purr….I LOVE to purr! 

I’m about 7 months old and was originally found by a nice lady when she heard my cries during a driving rain. (She couldn’t believe that sound could come from such a tiny body. I am vocal when I want to be).

She brought me to Crossroads where they made sure I got all of my vaccinations, I spent a few months in a foster home and I am now microchipped, spayed and ready for a forever family.  

I’m a little unsure about other pets (I mean, when you’ve got the whole package, who needs more??) and I love kids (as long as they respect me when I’m ready to be done with play).  I am great with my litter box and will sing, chirp, meow and keep you well entertained.   

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $125.

 Jenna Maroney – Adopted!

About Jenna Maroney

“Listen up Fives, a Ten is speaking!” That’s right, I am all that – and more! My whole life is thunder and has been hard for quite some time, but I’m over that now.

I lived outside for years and a family had been watching over me.  After my third (or maybe fourth) litter of kittens, they decided to get me off the streets and find me a home through Crossroads. They were so kind to me that I have learned to do just about anything to get attention (and affection).

Having been on such a crazy diet my entire life, I will eat just about anything now and am loving it!  I have been introduced to dogs, not particularly a fan, but, if they ignore me I’m  content.  I like the company of other kitties but am not really interested in playing.

I’ve been fully vetted, am healthy, up-to-date, have now been spayed (no more kittens for me!) and am looking for someone to love me the way I do – just as I am!

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $100.


About Denali

They call me Denali.  I’m a sweet girl and lately I’ve been keeping to myself, but that’s probably because my whole world has been turned upside down.

After almost 3 years of being an “only child”, my mom had a baby and the house was a completely different place…new things everywhere, loud noises like I’d never heard before and strange people coming and going all the time! 

I started hiding and swatting at new people and they finally realized how unhappy I’d been.  I’ve been to the vet for a full work-up and I’m healthy…I just needed some respite.  

I’m here at Crossroads now and have slowly been coming out of my shell.  The interns and staff have been letting me adjust slowly because they know transition is hard for any cat, but especially for me.

I love getting my cheeks rubbed and stretching my legs.  When I do find a quiet new home to call my own, I may need some extra time to decompress. 

My new family will eventually find that I am soft-hearted as well as soft-furred!   If you’re looking for a soft-spoken, furry companion, I might be your girl!

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $100.

Check this page often and for more information, contact us or visit us at the Crossroads Pets – Shop & Adopt store.


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