Our Adoptable Pets

If you’re looking for a loyal, loving life-companion who will always be happy to see you, consider adopting a pet! Here at Crossroads Campus, we pull dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, and ages from our partner, Metro Animal Care and Control. We believe that each of these animals is unique and waiting for that just right person to provide them with a loving, lifelong home. Our adoptable pets are available to meet at our Crossroads Pets- Shop & Adopt, Pet Retail Store.

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Sage – Adopted

About Sage

The eyes are the window to the soul and Sage’s belie an intensity that  perfectly conveys her personality.  Did someone say PLAY???   This 2 year old girl just can’t get enough of it!  Talk about good looks, Sage has the appearance of a husky, but on corgi sized legs but that doesn’t slow her down a bit!  In fact, her low center of gravity enables her to run, pivot and launch herself into a variety of precarious situations.  

She will be a project well worth the effort put into her and would be the star of a training class.  Due to her high energy and need for training, she will need a good energy release on a daily basis but not be well suited to a home with children younger than 10 years old.

She is spayed, microchipped, up to date on all of her vaccinations.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $125.

Tommy – Adopted

About Tommy

Tommy is a smart, energetic little guy who would love a home that can engage his intelligence.   He  needs a little time to warm up to new people and is heartworm positive (treatment will be covered by PCC) so we feel a quiet home with no or older children (10 years or older) would suit him well.

This 23 pound terrier mix is only 1 year old, has already been neutered, is up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped, and may be ok with another small dog but the true terrier means he would not be good with cats or other small animals.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $125.

Nelly – Adopted

About Nelly

Nelly is a sweet little lady who lost her home along with 6 of her offspring. Nelly is a little shy and very quiet, but is very engaging and loves attention and affection. She is a well-mannered little lady who would love a soft bed or lap to call her own.

This 13 pound terrier mix  is 7 years old, has already been spayed, is up-to-date on vaccinations and is microchipped. She does well with a variety of other dogs and is quite playful.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $125.

Toby – Adopted

About Toby

Losing a home is always hard, but when it’s with 6 siblings and a mom, we do our best to step in and help as many as possible.

Toby is the 3-year-old offspring of our adoptable girl, Nelly. He is quiet and a bit reserved, but warms up quickly to become a sweet, playful little guy. He does well with
other dogs but may be overwhelmed by a larger or very high energy pup. Because it takes him some time to feel comfortable, he would likely do best in a home with older children or children who are calm and just want a quiet snuggle buddy.

Toby is only 11 pounds, but would do well to gain a little weight in his new home. He is neutered, up to date with vaccines and has been microchipped and would love to go him with a new forever family today!

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $125.

Patches – Adopted

About Patches

Patches – son of Nelly, brother to Toby, 3-year-old lover of laps. This little sweetheart was one of many who lost their home due to no fault of their own. Shy, sweet and sensitive, this adorable dog will steal your heart with his soft paws.

Weighing in at only 9 pounds, he would fit in any size lap. He is healthy, neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines. Might Patches be just the right dog to warm your heart this winter?

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $125.

Cooper – Adopted

About Cooper

Talk about resilience…this little one could be the poster child! After Metro Animal Care & Control received a call from a good samaritan who had seen a little black dog get hit by a car, Cooper was picked up and rushed to see the medical team. Thankfully, he seemed to have only suffered a big tumble and some pretty nasty abrasions. While those spots still look a bit raw, he is healing up very well

This 18 pound mixed breed  is only 1 year old, has already been neutered, is up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped. He loves attention and affection and is a sweet, quiet little guy. His gentle nature would be a great match for children as long as they know to keep the doors closed as this curious little man loves to explore and will sneak right out your door without a second thought! Could Cooper be the perfect addition to your home?

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $125.


About Lulah
Lulah is sweet and curious and loves attention.  Once she is comfortable with her new person, she will gently place a paw to ask for affection.    Lulah was picked up as a stray at Metro Animal Control and was very thin.  We are working on helping her gain weight, but she is otherwise healthy.  Lulah does well with other cats and would likely enjoy a calm canine friend too.  This gentle girl would love a new home where she can be pampered and loved and give the same in return.  She is 8 years old, spayed, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped and would love to go home today!

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $75.


About Loretta

Loretta came to us from Metro Animal Control having been there longer than any other felines. While we aren’t sure why this gorgeous brown tabby had been overlooked for so long, we do know that Loretta is an active, social and chatty girl who does well with other cats.          She is spayed, microchipped, healthy and up to date with vaccinations, it’s time for her to finally find her furever family.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $75

Of course the best way to know if a pet is the right fit for you is to meet him or her. If you see a dog or cat that you’d like to meet, stop by our Crossroads Pets – Shop & Adopt Retail Store at 707 Monroe Street in Germantown!

 What To Bring

You’ll need to fill out a brief application. Adoption applications are processed while you wait and, when possible, we like to do same day adoptions. When you come to meet any of our adoptable pets please bring the following:

  • phone number of 2 personal references
  • vet reference (if you have a vet)
  • copy of lease
  • proof of pet deposit payment

Please note that we do not hold pets. Check this page often and for more information, contact us or visit us at the Crossroads Pets – Shop & Adopt store.


You love animals and refuse to let them suffer abandonment and neglect.