Our Adoptions Process


Crossroads partners with animal care facilities throughout Middle Tennessee to bring in dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, ages and conditions.  We believe that each of these animals is unique and waiting for that ‘just right’ person to provide them with a loving, lifelong home. Our adoptable pets are available to meet by appointment at our Crossroads Pets- Shop & Adopt, Pet Retail Store. 
If you see a dog or cat that you’d like to meet, please fill out our adoption application.   Our Adoptions Coordinator will go through them in the order in which they come in and will contact approved applicants to set up appointments.  Applications will be kept on file for 6 months after submission.
Please note that we do not ‘hold’ pets, so we encourage same day adoptions if you find your match.  When you come to meet any of our adoptable pets, please bring the following: 
  • Valid ID with proof of address verifying that you are over 21 years of age
  • Phone number of 2 personal, non-relative references
  • Veterinarian reference (if you have a veterinarian)
  • Copy of lease agreement or condominium association codes validating that pets are allowed

See our available pets below!

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Our Adoptable Pets

Carter – ADOPTED!


Gender: Male, Neutered

Age: 3 years

Fee: $250

About Carter

I am a 2-3-year-old little guy at about 13 pounds who thinks I own the world.

I’m happy to play, walk, or just sit at your side enjoying the attention.  I LIVE for tennis balls and love to play…you should hear me kill those toys!  (Did I mention that living with cats would not be a good idea?).   

I was found by Metro and had clearly been uncared for for some time.  I was covered in matted fur, flea bites and dirt.  My skin was infected and I was miserable.  So miserable that I gave the vet tech team a hard time when they were vaccinating me. 

 Since coming to Crossroads, I’ve been neutered, microchipped, tested for Heartworm and got this strange, but oddly-appealing haircut. 

It still takes me a bit to warm up to new people and/or other dogs (they say I’m selective) and I can be very unsure about where/how I’m touched so I would likely not do well with young children.

I can’t wait to find my forever home and get/give all the love I deserve.     



Gender: Male, Neutered

Age: 3 years

Fee: $250

About Koda

Life can be exhausting!  

I’ve had my fair share of trials, but I’m ready for a new family who can offer stability in a loving home.   Mind you, I’ve been loved…a love like many dogs may never experience.  Sadly, one of my owners passed away and the other came to a point where they needed to be able to focus on self care and felt it would be best for me to find a new family.  
Being back at Crossroads isn’t really where I intended to end up, but I’m glad I’m here while I wait.  I do love the people here, although in general I am a shy guy who takes time to warm up.  I am kind and gentle with them, and they reciprocate.  
I have lived with other dogs and could happily do so again.  I don’t really like the vet or going to the groomer…(I just don’t see it as the “Spa Treatment” they want me to believe it is), but being a curly guy it’s necessary.  
Did I mention my fabulous underbite?  They all love that here so I have been spoiled by the Crossroads grooming salon and my groomer knows me well, so I would like to be able to keep coming back but that isn’t a deal breaker.

Stability, a little space and some TLC are all I need.  Think we could make it work?  I’d love to try if you would…just fill out the application! 



Gender: Neutered Male

Age:   3 years

Adoption fee: $150  

About Razz

Hi my name is Razz and my anxious alter ego is Razzle Dazzle!

I think we can all agree that this past year has brought in social anxiety with everyone.  Well, I can say it definitely has for myself!

I don’t like being in the hustle and bustle of people and lots of noises. I am hoping to find someone that enjoys a quiet home and is happy to allow me to hang around whatever they may be doing. At night, I love to be able to sleep with my human but this isn’t a hard and fast requirement.  Of course, who wouldn’t want to be woken up by me for cuddles and pets?!

I can be a fantastic alarm clock in the mornings. I am definitely partial to the ladies, but with some patience and work I could come around to a guy or two.

As you can see in my picture I enjoy the outdoor life and going on hiking adventures. I’ll happily get my feet wet to cool down but don’t expect me to be a water dog.  I really have no interest in making any male dog friends.

As a herding breed, I NEED good mental stimulation from my human. I already know: sit, down, touch, shake and circle. I am working on my impulse control by learning to wait at doorways.

When I’m really feeling my anxiety and there’s a lot going on I have been known to nip at feet but this has subsided as my anxiety has become more manageable.

Long story long…I’m really ready to find my home and be the best cat-like dog for the right human.



Gender: Male (waiting to be neutered)

Age:   1+ years

Adoption fee: $200

About Chip

I’m a chip off the ol’ block for sure, but nobody really knows what block that is!!

My name is Chip, I came to Crossroads with my friend Dale.  We would love a home together, since that’s how we’ve always been, but the nice people here say I came around a lot faster and as long as someone would be home with me a good portion of the time, I would make a great pet.  

I can be very nervous at first.  I lived in a home with LOTS of other dogs and my person passed away, so dogs are all I really know.  I like them all!  I also love to bring all my toys to one space and just look at all the things I can play with, but I will also happily share.  

I’m quite snuggly once I feel comfortable and will play all day if that’s what you want!  If you have the time and patience to win my heart, please fill out our application.



Gender: Male (waiting to be neutered)

Age:   2+ years

Adoption fee: $150  

About Dale

I’m Dale, friend of Chip, but in all honesty I’m the one who is always waiting for the “chips to fall.”

I am very sweet, very shy and really scared of new things. My last person passed away and I really miss feeling safe and secure.  I lived with LOTS of other dogs, but people….they can be so big & scary – or children, small and even scarier!   (I mean, I’m only about 12 lbs myself.)

Low key – that’s me.  I’m up to date on all vaccines and microchipped.  I have an appointment to be neutered that Crossroads will pay for. 

I mostly look forward to a quiet home where I can just snuggle on the lap of my new person or have my own little bed where I can nap throughout the day.   

I will really need someone who understands how to give TLC in a way that I can accept.   If you think you might be the one, fill out an application soon!



Gender: Female spayed

Age:  7 years

Adoption fee:  $100 

About Ellie

Big lady with a big personality!

I came to Crossroads seeming to be scared and antisocial. This couldn’t be further from the truth!  

During my stay here they have worked on shedding some of my weight so I got my living space upgraded to the administrative office.  (Don’t worry, I won’t lose my authoritative airs as I continue to slender down.)

Once I moved to the office, I got to spread my love and my fur to everyone I met!

Crossroads quickly realized that, while I enjoy humans, I really don’t enjoy the company of other felines so it would be best that I go to a home as an only child.

If you have space in your heart from this large and in charge lady, apply for me today!



Gender:  Female spayed

Age:  1 year

Adoption fee:  $100 

About Emmy

I’m Emmy! I used to be a stray until a family took me in before a cold storm this winter.  Then I had four beautiful kittens on Easter Sunday. I raised them up, and now I’m fixed and looking for my forever home!

At first I was really scared of being in a new place, and sometimes I still get nervous when things are loud or I have to go to the vet. But I’m very loving and really enjoy pets and attention.

I may even turn into a lap cat!  I’ll come see you whenever you come in the door and you’ll know I love your pets because I’ll be purring for you!



Gender: Male neutered

Age:  3 years

Adoption fee:  $100 

About Pickles

What a silly name for a not-so-silly feline specimen such as I. 

My owner passed away suddenly and I found myself here at Crossroads.  It’s taken some time to get used to such a different atmosphere and I like to do things on my own terms. 

I’ve been neutered, chipped am up-to-date on my vaccinations and declawed (my former owner thought that’s what one was supposed to do) but I still like to paw at cat trees and a favorite activity is pouncing on the feathers of a flirt pole toy.

I am not a fan of being picked up and carried around, but I am happy to offer frequent “drive by’s” for pets.  

I especially like other cats and will happily romp and play with them when I get the chance.   

If you want a true stunner in your life, I may just be the guy for you!

Miss Kitty – ADOPTED!

Miss Kitty

Gender:  Female spayed

Age:   3 years

Adoption fee:  $100 

About Miss Kitty
I am a bit of a mystery – nobody knows where I come from or what I’ve seen, but I’m ready for a new life.
When I arrived at Metro Animal Care & Control, I was nervous and shy.  
Crossroads found me a wonderful home but, sadly, during that year my person developed allergies and couldn’t care for me any longer.  She said I was “purrfect” although I can be a bit shy and might take some time to come around.   
I once lived in a foster home with dogs. They were well-behaved and quite respectful but I kept my distance when I could.  That’s how I am with the other cats that live here now.  
I don’t need much, but would really love to find my forever person.  Is it you?

Check this page often and for more information, contact us or visit us at the Crossroads Pets – Shop & Adopt store.


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