We Foster Caring Connections & Provide Humane Education

Here at Crossroads Campus, we believe that by creating and encouraging caring connections between humans and animals we break down barriers and bring awareness to our common need for love and companionship. The human-animal bond can teach us compassion, loyalty, forgiveness, patience, responsibility and affection, and our goal is to provide an environment that fosters that bond.

In many cases, we fear what we don’t understand and is unfamiliar to us, which can cause us to repeat harmful patterns and separate ourselves from or undervalue the thing we fear. Through humane education, we tear down walls of misunderstanding and teach humans and animals how to communicate with each other.

How We Connect & Educate

Caring Connections is our humane education outreach program. Humane education focuses on teaching compassion and respect for all living things, and the name, Caring Connections, sums up our mission – connecting people and pets in meaningful and positive relationships. Through these connections and bonds, our participants learn to see themselves in those around them and to look for how we are similar, not different. Those connections develop through our Caring Connections program and through our job-training and pet adoption programs, all of which put humane education into action. The goals are twofold: promoting strong human-animal relationships and safe human-animal interactions. Through these efforts our desire is to improve the quality of life for pets and their humans while decreasing dog bites and other unsafe human-dog interactions.

Our Caring Connections outreach program partners with a number of local agencies, such as Monroe Harding and Boys & Girls Club, to serve youth of all ages. The program supports and encourages positive human-animal interaction through a shelter dog training program and animal companionship classes. Our hope is to show our students that, just like humans, animals deserve and need a loving and supportive environment and that, like us, fear and instability can cause animals to behave in unpredictable ways – but it doesn’t determine who they are or make them unlovable.


We rescue and foster dogs and cats from Metro Animal Care and Control, and bring them to our facility for a “second chance”. Some of our adoptable dogs go through our Caring Connections training program. Our Caring Connections facilitators work with youth –many who have been victims of abuse, neglect or trauma — to train and socialize these animals, preparing them for successful adoptions and happy lives.


The Power To Make A Positive Difference

One of the major benefits of Caring Connections is that the youth are taught their inherent value and their power to contribute to a better world. They experience how working with animals in a positive way benefits both people and pets. The program is changing lives right here in our own community. Check out what some of the Caring Connections students are saying about how the program has affected them:

Every day, we strive to improve our community through our Caring Connections program, as well as through our Job Training/Pet Adoptions program and our Residential program. We hope you’ll join us on our journey towards a better Nashville!

Donate because YOUR PET TAUGHT YOU LESSONS IN PATIENCE, COMPASSION AND RESPONSIBILITY— and you believe others can learn the same.