Join us to discover the canine curriculum for educated dogs and enlightened people!

Welcome to Crosspaws Academy, a nonprofit dog training program offering positive, encouragement-focused learning.

Our instructors utilize positive reinforcement methods and fun, movement-based techniques to help you and your dog expand your skills while gaining a practical knowledge of basic manners and advanced etiquette. We’re also happy to help with non-aggressive behavioral issues such as leash reactivity, separation anxiety, and fearfulness.

We rely on a dog’s innate behavioral patterns and communication to engage their mind as they move & play. Our approach is customized to each dog’s unique personality, behavior, and energy-level to help them achieve their full potential. And at Crosspaws Academy, we always encourage our pet families to embrace their dog’s individual talents and allow them to be themselves!





Humane Education

As part of Crossroads’ mission to help people and animals, we offer Humane Education to all of our staff and pet families. We teach patience, compassion, empathy, and respect for all living beings, as well as proper pet care & communication. This not only informs our instructors on how to respectfully interact with and understand your beloved family pet, but also helps educate pet families on how to better care for and understand their furry companions.

Different ways to learn at Crosspaws Academy

Our Lessons and Courses Include:

  • Basic Manners: loose-leash walking, sit, down, stay, etc.
  • Advanced Etiquette: focused and contact heeling, public access skills, etc.
  • CGC Prep & Testing
  • Therapy or Service Prep
  • AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Courses
  • AKC FIT DOG Fitness & Conditioning Courses
  • Basic pet care and other humane education lessons

Private Lessons ($50/hour): 

If you would like one-on-one attention alongside your dog, our private lessons are for you. Enjoy a fully customized training plan after each session to continue your pup’s learning between sessions.

Online Lessons ($30/hour): 

Our online lessons are perfect for DIY-minded pet parents. Our instructors are here to help with weekly or monthly sessions via Zoom. Set up a camera in your training space or send our instructors your videos to discuss and create a realistic plan to continue your training journey!

Group Lessons ($25/each): 

Group training lessons are great for pets and their people to socialize while they learn. Perfect for puppy confidence building and enhancing the public etiquette skills of adult dogs. Enjoy small group sizes so that each dog gets the personalized attention they need from our instructors. Register for one of our multi-week training courses, or stop by one of our drop-in classes. See our calendar of classes and workshops below! (Some prerequisites may be required.)

When you bring your pup to Crosspaws Academy, you’re doing more than learning.

You’re also supporting our mission to help people and pets. As a non-profit social enterprise, we are able to help people and animals thanks to your contributions. The fees you pay for training go toward the operating costs of our animal rescue, affordable housing, job-skills training, and support services for the teens and young adults in our program. 

Thank you for supporting Crossroads Campus!

Meet Our Faculty!

Ashley Holden, CPDT-KA
Senior Manager of Animal Behavior and Training

Ashley is a certified professional dog trainer with a background in service and therapy dog training. She’s the proud momma to 11 dogs, 2 chickens, and a cat who is convinced she’s a dog. Her passion is helping high-energy dogs and their families thrive together through fun exercises and recreation activities.

Ashley’s certifications include:

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed
  • Fear FreeⓇ Certified Professional
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • S.T.A.R. Puppy Instructor
  • AKC FIT DOG Instructor
  • AKC Trick Dog Evaluator
  • AKC Temperament Test Evaluator

Maria Blucher
Apprentice Trainer

Meet Our Faculty!

Mariah Blucher
Apprentice Trainer

Mariah is a young and passionate apprentice trainer, who loves all animals, but has a huge soft spot for dogs! She especially has a heart for those pups who may be considered “misunderstood.”

She loves learning how to understand and respect animals on their level and use this understanding to help dogs overcome their trauma. Mariah is one of the young adults that has been through our job training program at Crossroads Campus, and is an example of how resources and support can change a young adult’s life!

Fear Free Shelters Certified

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