Believe in the power of

the human-animal bond.

Caring Connections nurtures compassion in children and adults alike as they learn to see the world through the eyes of others and gain respect and empathy for those around us.



Course Description

Our one day or multi-week group course focuses on learning non-verbal communication cues with other species and includes working with live animals.

Students learn how to build confidence, gain trust and teach dogs basic cues through the power of positive reinforcement and the human-animal bond.

Caring Connections focuses on dog and cat training, how to understand why our pets (and sometimes people) do the things they do, and what kinds of activities/fun/games we can implement to help them lead happy, healthy and harmonious lives in our human world. (Fees to be determined).

We show our students that, just like humans, animals deserve and need a loving and supportive environment and that, like us, fear and instability can cause animals to behave in unpredictable ways – but it doesn’t determine who they are or make them unlovable.

A dog’s purpose in the world is to love us when
nobody else does.”

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