Our Programs Offer Hope For The 2-Legged & The 4-Legged

Caring Connections

Life is better when we realize that we’re all connected and in need of the same things: love, companionship, and understanding. That’s what Caring Connections, our humane education and outreach program, is all about.

Crossroads Pets | Shop & Adopt

Crossroads Pets Shop & Adopt opened in 2013 in Nashville’s historic Germantown neighborhood.  We operate a retail pet store and grooming service, and we have adoptable dogs and cats.   

To better serve the pets in our care, we often rely on volunteers to open their homes as foster families.  If you are interested in fostering our adoptable pets, Click Here to get started!

Crossroads operates as a social enterprise, providing job training, employment, trauma-informed case management, and humane education for the young adults referred to us through partner agencies in Nashville.

Affordable Housing for Young Adults

The Crossroads Campus residential program for young adults currently consists of a 4-bedroom unit located above our store in Germantown, with shared kitchen and living accommodation. Residents referred to the program receive intensive weekly individual and group case management. Job training at Crossroads Pets provides employment on site.

It truly was an honor to be able to be involved in this project with Caring Connections. For both myself and for Dr. Stevens, it truly reaffirmed the positive power of animals to transcend so many differences among people.
Matthew Chase

Veterinary Hospital Manager

To see these young people be so gentle and patient with these rescued animals is inspiring. Each has seen the other side, but through the dog training, they get to interact in a compassionate way and a safe environment. Kindness is the key that opens the door to our hearts.
Debbie Emory

Children's Fiction Author/ Dog Trainer

A dog’s purpose in the world is to love us when nobody else does.

Participant in Caring Connections