We provide a community of healing, hope and resilience for young adults.

What separates us from other organizations is our focus on the effects of trauma and the role it plays in the decision-making process of each one of the young people we serve through our programs.

Young Adult


Job Training

At Crossroads Campus, we are able to provide our youth with paid, job training internships through our Pet Retail store, Grooming Salon, Animal Care/Pet Adoptions and Dog Treat Bakery.

Affordable Housing

Transitioning to adulthood and independent living can be daunting for anyone, but it’s especially difficult when you lack the resources and social connections we all need to move ahead.

Caring Connections

Caring Connections, our humane education outreach program, teaches compassion and respect for all living things, strong human-animal relationships and safe human-animal interactions.

Community Fosters Stability

We strive to create a culture where we not only meet the young adults’ needs but build a sense of belonging and stability through our job training and affordable housing programs.  Every program participant is also provided with intensive case management.

At Crossroads, we recognize the long-term and ongoing commitment of truly supporting our young adults based on their social/emotional development and traumatic experiences.  Our in-house services, combined with our all-embracing approach to the principles of trauma informed care, are the key ingredients contributing to the success of our participants.

Crossroads Campus offers a supportive and safe space for young adults to learn and grow.

The Crossroads Campus does not discriminate on the basis of handicap or disability, age, race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other classification protected by Federal, Tennessee State constitutional, or statutory law in our employment practices, in the administration of our housing and job training programs, or in any other services or opportunities we offer.


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