All young adults deserve exposure and opportunity to build sustainable futures.

Employment is one of the major disconnections
we encounter with
the population we serve.



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Opportunity Lives Here

At Crossroads Campus, we are able to provide our youth with paid job training internships through our Pet Retail store, Grooming Salon, Animal Care/Pet Adoptions and Dog Treat Bakery.

On any given day, you can find a participant checking out a retail customer, scheduling a grooming appointment, enriching an animal or packaging those dog treats!

We developed and utilize a competency based skills tracking system to monitor the progress of each participant.  Our young adults master specific levels and skills training in each focus area, which is tied to pay increases as they progress through the program.

We are also providing workforce development skills training, which includes biweekly group workshops covering a variety of topics ranging from financial literacy to self-advocacy.

On average, our young adults are in our job training program for about 12 – 18 months, however, the beauty of being truly trauma informed is recognizing there is no time frame on healing. Therefore, we do not put a timeframe on services.

Our overall goal is to move clients in and out of  services successfully over time while focusing on the separating volume from the value of services we provide.

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