All animals are deserving of love, care and finding their “forever” family.

If you see a dog or cat that you’d like to meet, please fill out our adoption application.

Our adoptions team will review applications in the order in which they are received and will contact applicants to set up appointments.

Applications will be kept on file for 6 months after submission.

Cat adoption application
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Interested in meeting one of our pets?

Please, be patient as we thoroughly review all applications to ensure the animals go to the home most ideally suited for their individual needs.  We have a high volume of applications, so be aware that it may take up to a week or two for us to follow up with a response.

When you come to meet any of our adoptable pets, please bring the following:

  • Valid ID with proof of address verifying that you are over 21 years of age

  • Phone number of 2 personal, non-relative references

  • Veterinarian reference (if you have a veterinarian)

  • Copy of lease agreement or condominium association codes validating that pets are allowed

Adoptable Pets

Sweet Red

  • Gender:  Neutered Male
  • Age:  ~4 months
  • Adoption fee:  $200

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About Sweet Red

Sweet Red is the cutest, calmest puppy who has ever lived. He’s a cuddle bug who’d love to snuggle his way into your heart. He’s going to grow up to be such a sweet, handsome gentleman, and though he’s going to be a big boy, he’s absolutely convinced he’s a lap dog.

Red wants to play with every person he meets and gets along great with other dogs of all shapes and sizes. He just loves everyone and everything!

Red has flexural tendon laxity that causes his ankles to be a little crooked, but with proper nutrition and exercise, he’s growing up to be a perfectly healthy guy! It does not cause him any pain, doesn’t slow him down or affect his ability to get around at all!”


  • Gender:  Spayed female
  • Age:  1 year
  • Adoption fee:  $200

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About Plum

Plum is pure love. She just wants to be everyone’s best buddy! She’s silly, snuggly, and sweet – the ultimate trifecta! Plum is great on car rides, learning to walk on a leash, and learning potty-training. If you want a friendly, outgoing doggo, look no further than Plum!


  • Gender:  Spayed female
  • Age:  ~3 years
  • Adoption fee:  $50

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About Fern

If you’re looking for a dog with tons of personality and a zest for life, you have to meet Fern! She’s goofy, playful, and has a smile that’s absolutely contagious. Fern is super intelligent – she recently started obedience training and is catching on so quickly. Her favorite thing in the world is to play tug-of-war with all of her toys!

Fern has had a lot of trauma in her life and has been a shelter dog for a very long time, so she will need an experienced home with an understanding, patient family. She is very sensitive and dislikes people getting up in her face, so she gets defensive very quickly when her space is invaded. Though she likes to play with other dogs, she can be too intense with her roughhousing, so we do think she would be best in a home with no other animals unless the owners are experienced with maintaining a multi-dog household.


  • Gender:  Spayed female
  • Age:  3 years
  • Adoption fee:  $200

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About Pie
Pie is just as sweet as can be and loves every person she meets. At 45lbs, she’s the perfect size to be your perfect companion! Pie walks great on a leash, has done very well with potty training, and also learns tricks incredibly quickly! She learned sit, down, speak, shake, and heel all in just a few days! Her foster mom says she’s absolute perfection (and we think so too!).
She’s a super smart, super affectionate, super silly dog. Anyone who adopts Pie will be one lucky person, as she’ll provide you with all the love and companionship you’ll ever need!

She would do best in a home with no cats or other dogs!


  • Gender:  Spayed female
  • Age:  6 years
  • Adoption fee:  $50

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About Lily

Lily is a very shy little girl who requires calmness and patience to bring out her sweet side.

Once she becomes comfortable with you, she loves being pet (especially head scratches!).

The quickest way to Lily’s heart is through wet food – she’ll do just about anything for a can of delicious tuna!

She is slowly coming out of her shell more each and every day, and we’re sure that in the comfort of a home, her lovely personality will truly blossom! (Available for adoption or foster!)


  • Gender:  Spayed female
  • Age:  2 years
  • Adoption fee:  $100

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About Trixie

Trixie is one amazing girl! She’s a goofy ball of energy and lives to play fetch. Though she has high energy, she also has a sweet, snuggly side and just loves to be loved on. She appreciates cuddling on the couch and would love to snuggle up in your bed every night!

Trixie is learning basic obedience and doing very well – she’s incredibly smart! With the comfort of a home environment, Ms. Trixie will absolutely thrive.

We all love this silly dog, and we know you will too!


  • Gender:  Spayed female
  • Age:  5 years
  • Adoption fee:  $50

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About Lucy

Lucy is the resident femme fatale.

With striking good looks, she’ll lure you in for some head scratchin’, and when you least expect it… she strikes!  While she does have a low threshold for overstimulation during petting, she can play with her favorite peacock feather and wand toys for hours!

This chunky girl needs a home that will respect her boundaries while providing ample play time so that she can lose that excess tummy!

If you’re looking for a play buddy rather than a cuddly snuggle bunny, Lucy is your gal! (Available for adoption or foster!)

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