Firsts. The word is loaded with possibilities. Van Gogh is experiencing a lot of “firsts” these days. His first trip to the vet. His first time not to have to worry about his next meal. His first visit to Caring Connections class at Monroe Harding where he gained confidence, learned new skills and shared some much needed puppy love.


Now Van Gogh is experiencing another first… his new foster home. Upon arrival,  he smelled wonderful new things, like fall decorations, furniture, rugs…he was in puppy heaven. He showed his new foster family his cute smile, wagging tail, and those ears. He does have the best ears!



On that first night Van Gogh met his foster pack -­‐   Jack and Lacey,two mini-­‐schnauzers. Van Gogh is a bit bigger than his new friends, but that doesn’t seem to matter to anyone. It’s a happy time for Van Gogh.


“My husband, Joel, has played with him all night. And he has already   rolled over on his back and showed us his belly, and he got tired and went to sleep on my feet.  Someone will get a wonderful family member when they adopt him!” ~Robin

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