August 25, 2012: Caring Connections staff and volunteers along with the youth of Monroe Harding, partnered with certified dog trainer Julie Farris, owner of Rescue Me! Dog Training, to begin Dog Training 101. During the six week program, Caring Connections staff and volunteers will work with the young men of Monroe Harding in training and socializing rescued shelter dogs in preparation for adoption to permanent homes. The sessions will focus on basic commands and “doggie manners” to help the pups become more adoptable and transition more smoothly to their new homes.

Under Julie’s experienced guidance, Caring Connections volunteers and the young men spent Saturday morning working with several mixed breed pups, teaching name recognition and the the basic “sit” command. The atmosphere in the first session was relaxed and supportive with all of the trainers observing the dogs responding almost immediately to the positive reinforcement – which included praise and edible rewards! If the exuberant tail wagging was any indication, we think the pups are probably looking forward to next week’s training session just as much as the volunteer trainers!

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