Caring Connections volunteers and the young men of Monroe Harding were visited today by Nashville PITTIE who brought four certified therapy “pit bull” teams, or pet partners, to help teach our class on “Responsible Pet Guardianship.”   Nashville PITTIE (NP) is an advocacy group built on the principle of education through compassion. PITTIE stands for “Pit bull Initiative to Transform Image and Educate” and today’s group of dogs captured everyone’s attention with their gentleness, engaging personalities, and in some cases, clever tricks!

Many myths surround the breeds called “Pit bulls,” including the assumption these dogs are aggressive and not well suited to be family companions. In reality, the opposite is true. The majority of “pitties” are extremely gentle, with eager-to-please dispositions who make excellent service companions and family pets.

Partnering with Nashville PITTIE is a great opportunity for Caring Connections to enhance our humane education message, by working to change hearts and minds about the “pit bull” breeds and reducing the suffering that these animals endure as a result of over breeding, tethering and dog fighting.

To learn more about Nashville PITTIE, please visit www.NASHVILLEPITTIE.ORG and to see the amazing resiliency of these misunderstood and often mistreated dogs, check out this video about the Rehabilitation of the Michael Vick Dogs.

Nashville Pittie Logo - Nashville TN - Crossroads Pets

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