Every time I go to MACC and walk through the adoption kennels I envision what life could be for the dogs and cats sitting in their kennels just waiting.


Each morning when I walk into Crossroads Pets I think about our interns and the potential each one has.


Life is full of possibilities.

But there is no possibility without action.


Imagine no one walking through the adoption kennels or launching a job-training program for youth. Imagine the relationships that would never form and the lives that would never have had an opportunity to change.

So we act.


We go to the adoption kennels.


We work with young adults.


Construction on the store is underway. Once complete Crossroads Pets will house 6-10 rescued dogs in the store. (Right now we can house 3 dogs in the store.)


Two new interns from Goodwill Industries just began our job-training program, joining our two interns from Youth Connections.


And we imagine more…


Action makes possibilities reality.


We are seeking more foster homes so that more dogs and cats can be rescued.

We are hosting more adoption events so that more homeless pets can connect with people.


We are expanding our job-training program so that more young adults gain the experience and knowledge they need to be successful in life.


We are preparing for the next phase…a residential facility for our interns.


We are asking you to act.




The possibilities are endless.