The cards seemed stacked against the little funny-eared pup. Just a little guy of unknown origin, he was abandoned, starving, and sick.


“We have a need for a foster home ASAP!”


The call went out to the network of the Crossroads Campus staff and volunteers. Crossroads Campus still in the early stages of developing a foster program, took action. Now.


Lisa, Julie and Delores from Crossroads Campus went out to meet the little pup, not at the empty house he’d been found in, but at another Crossroads Campus volunteer’s home. The pup learned a new word. Safe.


The funny-eared pup was thin, way too thin. His fur, dry and dull. A trip to the vet – also connected to Crossroads Campus – was in order. So off the little pup went. And he learned another word. Healthy.


In two short weeks the pup gained almost 8 pounds. A little good food and appropriate health care went a long way. His fur, now bright and shiny. He met dogs. Wow.  There were others like him. But what he really liked was people. And he learned yet another word. Hopeful.


Medical care underway, temperament evaluation complete, it was time to find a foster home. Crossroads Campus’ network expanded and a foster home was found. And the little pup learned another word – his name. Van Gogh.


Over the next few weeks we’ll be following Van Gogh’s progress from resuce through adoption. 

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