Ever since I was little I’ve always liked animals. I remember seeing several TV shows where people would rescue animals from abused homes and also those who were stranded on the streets. Seeing this drove me closer to animals. I remember saying to myself “I can’t wait to be just like those people who go out of their way to help animals.”

Ernest_PhoenixI currently intern at Crossroads Pets. This place is not just a pet store; it’s more than that. It’s a place where people can come in and interact with one another. It has a great atmosphere where everybody is friendly and any of the staff will be glad to help a customer with anything regarding a pet. Getting the opportunity to be a part of a great team of workers at Crossroads has been an exciting experience for me. Each staff member has helped me achieve a lot of knowledge and specific skills that I  need while working with animals. I know these skills will carry me a long way while I continue my career by working with animals.

Some of the things that I have to do at Crossroads are pretty fun. I get to interact with dogs and cats on a daily basis. When the pets come into Crossroads they are put up for adoption so that they can have a nice home. One thing that is hard for me, and possibly for other people, is that I get attached to animals really quickly. When they get adopted I get a little sad at first, but then realize that they have a great life ahead of them.

Ernest_EmilyI have really enjoyed working at Crossroads. I’ve met a lot of new people who enjoy what they do and that puts a smile on my face knowing there are more people like me who want to provide better homes for dogs and cats. I would recommend Crossroads to everybody who would love to do the things that me and the other staff members do. It is a great experience and it will change your life forever.

Ernest Pickett, Crossroads Pets’ Intern