Three little pups wandering the streets – D’Rose, Penny and Tito. One day a canine loving human spotted the homeless pups and whisked them to the safety of a rescue and into foster homes. This is the story of one of those little pups. This is Tito’s story.

Tito spends his days like most pups – playing, sleeping, and learning about the world all around him. Young pups, like Tito, do love to learn new things, like sit, wait, and how to leash walk. Like most pups, Tito enjoys basking in the sun, romping in the yard and riding in cars. But most of all Tito likes humans.

Some pups tear through the house at a breakneck speed…well, that’s just what puppies do, but being a “low energy” pup, Tito does a little less tearing through the house. Tito does love a good run, especially in the yard, but then he likes winding down. Once the puppy wiggles are worked out, Tito’s ready for his all time favorite activity – hanging out with the people. He follows his foster family through the house or lounges with them while they watch TV. Tito is what folks call human centered…he adores people.

Tito likes most people – adults, teens and kids. Since he’s such a mild mannered fellow humans of all ages can’t help but smile when they encounter him. It’s not just humans that Tito is fond of…Tito warms up to folks of the canine and feline persuasion, too. Tito truly is a gentle soul.

There is another side to Tito. Yes, he is alert…he is eager to please…he is attentive. But, well, he does have a problem. Tito snores. Yes, that cute little lovable guy has a snoring issue. Fortunately, even a snoring Tito is a lovable Tito. After all, no puppy is perfect!

In typical puppy fashion, Tito likes having toys for playtime, a bone for chewing, a daily walk and a nice bed for sleeping. He’s also very fond of sitting for treats and playing hide-and-seek.

Tito passed basic obedience training with flying colors! He’s eager to show off his skills, like sit, stay, and down. Currently he’s mastering the leave-it command and polishing his wait command. Tito was one of the lucky pups selected for Caring Connection’s Humane Training at Monroe Harding. (In our next blog we’ll learn more about Tito’s experiences with the young men at Monroe Harding.)

The little orphan pup who came into rescue not so long ago has grown into a smart, happy, lovable pup. All Tito needs now is a place to call home.

Tito is available for adoption through Bonaparte’s Retreat

Tito Suggesting a Walk

You wanna go for a walk? ~Tito


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